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Engine Fault reading with the latest diagnostic equipment

At Charnocks Automotive, we provide high-tech diagnostic testing using the latest diagnostic equipment and quality repairs in the Littlehampton and surrounding areas. When it comes to ensuring your vehicle is fault-free and running smoothly, we provide the best services in the area at prices that are affordable.

Warning lights – what do they mean?

When you get a warning light come up on your dashboard, your vehicle is telling you something is wrong. These warning lights can be anything from a simple solution to a complex problem that is dictated by your car’s computer – the ECU or Engine Control Unit. Often, these can be issues with the ABS system, oil levels, temperature levels, lights or brakes. However, sometimes, these issues can be stemming from other mechanical problems in your car. That’s why a diagnostic test is needed. So we can find the cause of any issue accurately.

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Engine diagnostics

An engine diagnostic test consists of connecting your car to a scanner that can identify your car’s make and model and analyse the system. It does this through complex programming technology that can pull up manufacturer data that’s specifically designed for your car. By identifying your exact make, model, year and registration of your car it can then start to scan the system for anything out of the ordinary. This is how it picks up errors. These errors are found as anomalies and the scanner presents a series of codes where any faults lie. These faults are then translated by our expert mechanics so they can identify where the problem is and how to fix it. It sounds simple enough, but without this technology, it can take hours of labour and testing to locate the problem. So we’re very grateful this technology exists!

Advanced Oscilloscope diagnostics

At Charnocks Automotive, we take great pride in the fact that we specialise in diagnostic technology for our customers. We use advanced Oscilloscope kits which work with a laptop or PC and identify virtually all electrical components and circuits in any modern vehicle. This works alongside our scanning tool to eliminate any guesswork, test components and find problems when no code has been set on the scan tool. It allows for more accuracy, more efficiency with repairs and allows you to have your car back a lot sooner!


When it comes to your engine diagnostic testing, unfortunately, repairs are not included in the price as we don’t know what’s wrong with your car. The price for testing is so that we can quickly and accurately diagnose the issue with advanced equipment without preventing further damage or charging for hours of labour to find the problem. Once we have diagnosed the issue,we’ll provide you with an accurate quotation on repairs to get your car back on the roads. It’s then up to you if you’d like to go ahead. As soon as you approve repairs, we’ll get to work. We always remain upfront and honest about prices, so if you have any questions, please just do ask.

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